Rebecca Liao

IMG_4957Rebecca Liao is a corporate attorney and writer based in the Silicon Valley. She also contributes to The AtlanticDissent Magazine, The New Inquiry, the LA Review of BooksTea Leaf Nation, San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Classical Voice. A graduate of Stanford University, where she studied Economics, and Harvard Law School, she loves watching friends make music and is active in the California Bay Area classical music scene. She tweets at @beccaliao.

To contact Rebecca and see a full archive of her writing, click here.

Edgar Degas’ The Rehearsal and Other Classroom Paintings

Some Closure on Jiang Zemin (Not That Kind): A Party Elder’s Death by Twitter

Thoughts on “Beginning of the Great Revival”

“On China,” by Henry Kissinger

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New Tenants at the Arcades

Fetish and the Piano


Old First Concerts


The Death of Klinghoffer

Thoughts on Natalia Osipova in Giselle: Act II Grand Pas de Deux

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Road

§ 2 Responses to Rebecca Liao

  • Mike Bouldin says:

    Rebecca, loved your piece on Tocqueville in China. I’m curious whether you’ve read Francis Fukuyama’s most recent book, which treats many of the same themes.

    • thealephmag says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Mike! I’ve read Francis Fukuyama’s latest book and some of his more recent scholarship. A lot of the freshest ideas about Chinese governance come from him.

      All the best,

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